Back Stops Installation Chicago

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It is very difficult to manage a huge crowd especially that of baseball fans. They come in large groups and with sky high energy. It’s almost impossible to contain them in just a specific area. The crowds can even be more unmanageable when the game gets intense and nerve-wracking. During these particular times, ball accidents are likely to happen within the area. While others think it’s impossible to prevent these unwanted ball incidents, we think that it is avoidable with the backstop fences in place.

Backstop fences are very useful in containing the ball within the field. It prevents accidents, that may cause damage or injury, from happening. Both the spectators and the surrounding areas can be at peace knowing that they are well protected from any possible accident. Since baseballs often fly high because of the powerful force from the bat, backstops are designed to be tall. It uses a curved structure at the top to ensure that no matter how high the incline of the ball is, it will still be contained by the backstop fence. However, to maximize the design and the purpose of the fence, the materials should be of high quality and be able to sustain the impact the ball. Else, the ball will only just pierce through the net.

There are different sizes of backstop fences intended for different purposes.

  • Outfield Fence

The height of this is 2.4 meters while the width is 50 mm. It needs a ground clearance of 25.4 millimeters.

  • Protective Fencing for the Player Bench

It also has dimensions of 50 mm and 2.44 meters height. It protects the player bench and the dugout.

  • Protective Fence for Spectators

Also at 2.4 meters high and 50 mm long, this is primarily to safeguard the spectators seated on the bleachers.

  • Backstop Fencing

This is 4.88 meters high to ensure that it can still contain the pitched and thrown balls.