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Some people fail to realize that the function of cages and enclosures are further maximized when the right type is used for the right purpose. If you are unsure of which cages and enclosures you need, we strongly recommend consulting with the experts. We at Fence Company Chicago, can lend a hand to help you identify which will suit you best.

Listed below are the different types that we offer.

  • Dog kennels and cages

Aside from food, water, and affection, dogs also need a place to sleep in. Since dogs are den dwelling by nature, they are territorial, and they require a space that is only intended for them. A cage or a kennel can provide them with the security that they need.

  • Safety enclosures

From the name itself, it helps ensure safety in places where it is prone to accident such as trampolines. Although trampolines are generally safe, we can never say for sure especially when children engage in rough plays and eventually have too much fun. Since parents and guardians, often have their own businesses that they attend to, kids can frequently be out of sight. So even without adult supervision, enclosures are helpful in ensuring that everyone inside it remains as safe as possible.

  • Batting cages

Normally batting cages are used by baseball and softball players who are practicing or developing batting skills. To be excellent in batting one must be able to hit a ball with powerful force in one go. Since it is a tricky skill that requires regular practice to develop it.

  • Tool and equipment cages

Building contractors typically use this type of cages to keep safe their tools and equipment at a construction site. These things are normally huge, and it requires a lot of space, which this specific type of cage can certainly provide.

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