Cedar Wood Fence Installation Chicago

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While technology makes life more convenient, it is also prone to exploitation. Since everything is accessible with the tip of your fingers, it is imperative to remain private. Today, private fences such as the Cedar wood fences are becoming more ideal in these changing times. It gives you that peace of mind because you are confident that no one is watching you or worse taking a snap of you. You don’t have to deal with the anxiety that unwanted photos of you are circulating on the internet.

Aside from the exquisite privacy that it can provide, it is also very chic and stylish. We all know that wood is timeless and never goes out of style. So, if you are the type of property owner who put high importance on the look of your property, then we certainly recommend this for you. Since private fences are going to cover the majority of your property, might as well get a cover that looks good.

The Cedar wood fence comes in two variants and these are the Shadowboxing type and the Standard Privacy Type. If you are looking for complete privacy, then we suggest getting the Standard Privacy type. With this one, the wood planks are fixed together on the sides while facing one direction. It leaves no gap in between planks and you can ensure of the utmost concealment from the outside. The Shadowboxing Type on the other hand, leaves minimal gaps in between where sunlight and air can pass through. In this type, the wood planks are also fixed together on the sides, however they face alternating directions which allows the gaps in between.

Despite of the wood materials, which is notorious for being high maintenance, this type of fence can last up to a decade. Certainly, this fence will give you your money’s worth. 

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