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Many property owners think that it is impossible to get fences which are beautiful, durable, and affordable, in one product. So, they end up compromising and prioritizing one over the other. It’s completely reasonable to compromise had there been no choice. But then most property owners are unaware that they can get all these in Simtek fences. Only a handful of our clients knew about this new material, which we will discuss in detail below.

If you are among those who just discovered Simtek fences, this type is actually made of plastic which makes it affordable. Unlike other fence types that use conventional materials, you may be surprised that plastic can be used as fence material. At this point, you may feel apprehensive as to how can this be durable. Well, it contains a galvanized steel inside which fortifies the fence. The galvanized steel ensures the stability and strength which makes sure that it can withstand weather and impact.

Simtek fences are very adaptable and can blend with unique property themes and styles. It comes in various colors that you can choose from. However, the classic colors such as brown, red, and beige remains to be the top favorite. But the most popular of them all is white. We all know that white is no-fail because it can seamlessly match different colors.

Aside from the color, this type of fence also comes in different textures which property owners absolutely love. The textures elevate the look of it and makes it more sophisticated, as if it costs a ton. There are three texture types to choose from such as Bufftech Sherwood privacy fence, Simtek Ecostone style, and Simtek Ecostone privacy.

The average price for this fence is about $2500, which ranges from $1800 to $4500. The price is inclusive of both the materials and the installation cost.

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