Ornamental Aluminum & Steel Installation Chicago

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More and more people are drawn into the fad of getting ornamental fences. While it is understandable the desire to have fancy fences, do not forget the primary purpose of fences. First and foremost, fences should be strong and durable to provide adequate safety. Otherwise, it is only as good as not having fences.

Here at Fence Company Chicago, we can provide you with dependable ornamental fences. As an established fence contractor in Chicago, you can surely trust us and the products that we provide. We make sure that each piece meets the minimum standards because we want to guarantee our clients the quality of our products.

For these ornamental fences, you have the choice between steel and aluminum. While both are equally great materials, each has its own strengths that can satisfy your requirements. 

Steel is the best in terms of strength. If you are looking into heavy duty yet beautiful fences, then you should go for the steel ornamental fence. It can certainly withstand extreme weather conditions and endure powerful impact. Aluminum, on the other hand, is malleable and can mold into different shapes and sizes. It has a glossy finish which can further enhance the overall look of the property. In terms of price, the steel costs more because of its uncontested strength. Meanwhile for the aluminum, despite costing less, it is surely dependable because of its durability and flexibility.

You can further customize this fence to add more to the appearance of your property. We have a variety of color options that you can choose from aside from the most popular ones such as black gloss, khaki satin, bronze satin, gold gloss, and sandstone gloss.

On average, ornamental steel and aluminum fences cost $3660, ranging from $2000 to $6000. The price may change based on the design, material, and height.

Ornamental Aluminum & Steel Installation Chicago