Temporary Fence Installation Chicago

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For those who are looking for fences which they can use for short-term, then these temporary fences will surely cater to your need. Depending on your requirement, this comes in different types to suit you best.

Listed below are your choices for temporary fences that we offer.

  • Water Barricades

If you need temporary fences which are easy to move and yet stable, then we strongly suggest this type. You can freely move it by unloading the water content. Once you have positioned it in your desired location, you can stabilize it by filling it with water.

  • Panels

If you need to divide large areas such as arenas and fields, then this will perfectly do for you. It comes in various types of materials including wood, chain link, and gates. If you need security, you can place barb wires on it.

  • Pedestrian Barricades

For events with massive foot traffic this is an ideal tool to keep everyone safe. Because you cannot look out for each and every one, and crowds tend to be unmanageable, these pedestrian barricades can work by separating the road for vehicle use and walk spaces to avoid accidents from happening.

  • Anti-scale Fences

If you need the best kind of privacy, you can opt for this type. Anti-scale fences are very tall, normally 8 feet, which ensures that the interior remain safe and private. It typically uses steel and mesh material to ensure durability.

As an established fence company in Chicago, we allow our clients to choose between two options for these temporary fences. You can either opt to rent or to purchase. If you only need it for a limited period, you are better off with renting. If you choose to rent, you will only pay a minimal rental fee plus no need to worry about storage space. However, if you will repeatedly need these fences, then you can purchase instead.

Temporary Fence Installation Chicago